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Trademark Searches

We can do identical-only Trademark searches for you for free.
That means that we will search to see if the EXACT word or logo that you are considering applying to register has already been registered, or there is an application for it pending, in the UK or EU registers (at the registries of the 28 x European member states).

Plenty of people then just apply to register their mark if that identical-only search returns clear. They take the risk that there isn't a SIMILAR mark that someone else has registered in respect of similar goods or services.
But it is a risk.


Our charge for a full availabiltiy search is extra (£295.00 for a words-mark or £395.00 for a logo-mark), but this will reveal the full details of other trademarks registered (and currently applied for) throughout the EU which could sensibly be said to be confusingly similar to your mark, for related goods or services.

The owners of these other marks would be alerted to your existence once you apply to register your trademark and might:
- oppose your application to register though opposition proceedings; and/or
- worse still, alerted to your use in the marketplace, threaten you with court proceedings on the grounds of registered trademark infringement and passing off unless yoiu stop using, and claim damages and legal costs from you.

Cost -v- Benefits

So when deciding whether or not to pay for a pre-application search, think how much £295.00 (£395.00) represents in the context of the advertising budget and sales ternover of your business.

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