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Registering trademarks is our business 

Rightguard is an online tool powered by trademarks specialists at Legal 500 solicitors firm Humphreys & Co. set up to cut through the complexities and detail of trademarks law and procedure to offer quick, streamlined costings for trademark applications, and their pursuit through to registration, in the main territories worldwide (including UK, EU (Europe) and the US.

The costs of applying for registration of a trademark (whether a word-mark or a logo) depend on the number of classes of goods or services which the application covers, and on the territories in which registration is sought.

A trademark registration, if achieved, is a monopoly right to the exclusive use of the trade mark (logo or word-mark) for the goods and services applied for in the particular territory. It is granted initially for a 10 year term, but is potentially renewable perpetually in further 10 year terms, subject to particular requirements as to use of the trademark which apply in particular countries. 

So trademark registration is a very valuable right. It gives the owner of a monopoly in the marketplace over the right to use the name or logo registered. And it protects the owner from being sued by others for infringement of their registered rights.

So the aims of applying to register a trade mark are to MONOPOLISE and to PROTECT (logo or word-mark).

With a registration, trademark infringement proceedings can be taken against other users of the mark who seek to take advantage of someone else's trading name (logo or word-mark) whether or not intentionally by using the same or a confusingly similar name or mark or logo in the course of trade.

The more valuable a trademark registration would be, if it can be achieved, likely the more difficult it will be to achieve that registration. A trade mark is an attractive force that brings in business (sales) to its owner, and so an attractive, potentially powerful name or logo will likely be wanted by others as well.

So an application to register a good trademark for popular goods or services will likely attract objections from the local Trademarks Registry and/or oppositions from 3rd parties with existing registrations of their own or common law rights in their names acquired through use in the marketplace.

That's why it's best, when seeking to acquire a valuable right, to engage specialists who advise on and handle applications, objections, oppositions and infringement claims in relation to trade marks day in day out.

Our team at RightGuard is powered by the internationally respected solicitors firm Humphreys & Co. who have for over 30 years specialised in trade marks law and practice, representing clients worldwide.

The costings shown on Rightguard are for straightforward trademark applications which can be got through to registration without the additional work (which can sometimes be substantial) and thereby additional costs resulting from Trademark Registry objections and 3rd party oppositions.

So these costings will not be able to apply in every case, but they are a straightforward statement of costs for a straightforward trademark application through to registration in the UK, the EU (Europe), the US and (on quotation country by country) worldwide.

Our team advises on and represents clients on all intellectual property matters, trademarks, designs (registered and unregistered), patents, passing off, confidential information, database rights and all other intangible intellectual property rights.

So do get in touch, if you are looking for intellectual property specialists.

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