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Welcome to RightGuard, the no nonsense international trademark registration tool from Humphreys & Co. We are trademark law experts who have designed this website to make trademark registration filing as easy as possible.

A trademark registration will give you the exclusive right to use your brand name in the country of your choice.

It is not worth taking risks with the reputation of your business. It takes time and expense to build up a loyal consumer base, an investment well worth protecting. Obtain the exclusive right to use your brand with a registered trademark.

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Secure the rights, exclusively, to your brand name with a trademark registration. Our service offers trade mark protection in all of the major markets including Europe (EU), USA, Worldwide and of course UK trademark registrations. Whether your company is new or long established, protecting your brand name is of crucial importance even more so in this Internet driven age. A relatively small investment now in registration can help avoid many costly "battles in the future.
In addition to trade marks we also offer a full range of intellectual property services including but not limited to Patents, Copyright, Domain, Logo, Licensing and other specialist services via our main web site Humphreys & Co. Solicitors.

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